31 March 2011


SmartAssBride says she read some where that

Apparently, the first movie you watch together as a couple, will set the tone for the rest of your life.

This put me into profound thinking. Ours was 'Unnaipol Oruvan' (Tamil remake of 'A Wednesday'). Not exactly a romantic movie. And to top it all, we were not on the borders of feeling cozy,almost hugging each other and koo-chi-kooing in each others' ears. We had neatly smuggled into the theatre food from some kickass chat shop (Oh!the modus operandi was brilliant you know). Next thing I know, I was opening the packets and we were ready to devour the food and how? With utmost alpathanam (read: with avarice,greed and voracity). One of those moments which will make my mom conveniently conclude "theeni pandaaram" (Ok..glutton).

Coming to think of this movie  as setting the tone blah blah and all for our life together, I think
1. we wont reveal much about each other until the very end (the end? when they put "subham"?)
2. one of us is going to torture the other over the phone
3. one of us will have dhaadi and wear spectacles (go ahead and spit)
4. one of us will constantly be under pressure
5. we will develop some respect for each other only at the very end
6. one of us will always do the grocery and walk home

Now, say you are still my friend. Say!


  1. Hey there,

    Went trough a lot of your posts today and had a good time smling/giggling. ( I still cannot stop on your '..I dont give a south end of a north facing rat..' LOL!)

    Nice place this. Will keep coming :)

    [BTW, the first movie me and hubby watched together was Pitaamagan. Go figure what our fates should be :P

  2. AHK!you seem to be gobbling up words in between :P
    about the movie thing, I thought we were all quite romantic..!?!

  3. LOL
    The first movie the hubby and me watched together was with a bunch of my colleagues - and it was Love Aaj Kal. The first movie the both of us saw alone was Kaminey. Now what do I make out of it? :P ;) :D

    Please to spill how you managed to smuggle food in!