08 April 2011

Doubt Dandanakkapandi 2

1. Heroine / female lead is happy = colorful clothes, 7 inch makeup that makes us forget what she actually looks like, hair let down. In fact, her house, the walls, the carpets and even the bathroom commode looks happy.
Heroine diagnosed with cancer (what cancer? abbe yaar..all heroines develop only blood cancer) = clothes in grey and black only, febrile looking face- no make up (that would be blasphemous right?) less make up that will make you think the director introduced a new character without a hint, hair tied up in a pony tail.

2. All Karan Joker heroines have the following:

Perfect waistline.
Perfect legs.
Perfect hair. Not a strand out of place. Always neatly coiffed.
Perfect nails.
Perfect teeth.
Amazing clothes - according to Zoom and Rediff. Donates her once-worn skirts and shirts to the ill-fated children.
Multi talented. Can sing like Sunidhi Chauhan, dance like Shyamak Daawar (of course in a feminine way, but we are talking Shyamak Daawar here), act like..lets forget that, is good at skating, hmm..let me think..ghilli danda?
An 'amazing' gang of friends who swoon for her. She, the cynosure of their eyes.

HOW? May be we all are losers in a big way.

3. Hero is dweeb number 1. Studies at Cant-Find-Anywhere University in California. Heroine (with aforesaid qualities, without Central Nervous System)  is also in the same University. Hero makes romantic advances, ogles at her and what not. Poor heroine cant interpret it till the very end. End of 3 hours, end of their romantic saga, end of the inferno.


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