27 March 2011

pink nails and a dumb girl

A cold, gloomy, morbid evening is forgiven when

You cut your old boring pair of jeans and make nice shorts out of it and wear it to grocery only to realize that they've not been cut uniformly and it is too cold outside.

You buy yourself a candy pink nail polish after ten whole years and paint your nails in a bakery and husband clicks pictures of the act.

The husband buys a yummy espresso chocolate and marble pound cake and drives almost a mile in the other direction just to buy you a double cheese-spinach quiche ("awww.." you may)

You realize husband's understanding of his native language is beyond insulting when he says Star-bucks is 'Minnal-Panam' in Tamil. (Minnal means lightning you see, which is nothing close to a star)

Best Sunday in a long time, Sunday..you may be redeeming your lost fame!

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