27 August 2010

Comedy Comments

This has happened at least a zillion times to me. I hop into Rediff or some blog site to read a few articles,and most of the times its not the actual article that catches my attention. The comments from the so called 'readers'- they are the Head Turners!

There is a pattern thats usually followed by some bull headed morons who claim to be avid readers & followers in certain websites and these people reserve the rights to swear a mouthful of explicits,show off some linguistic chauvinism and draw unnecessary boundaries between India-Pakistan & North India-South India. You know what they call this? COMMENTING. Did you have even the slightest idea?

If its an article about some actor's upcoming movie,some celeb getting married or some interview , the comment is "this SRK is nonsense..**** off srk..salman is better.." I know what you are thinking - the write up needn't be about Shahrukh or even about his makeup man!! Any actor mentioned - poor Shahrukh gets thrashed at least 10 times a day in Rediff alone!
Look at this - "You hindi filmmakers know nothing abt films..itzz always Andhra..we rulezz".
Try this one - "bloddy bitches hindi actresses..always exposing..get lost.."
This one - "Hey Hyd solve your Naxalite problem first..I am uspset with SRK for supporting Paki Players & ignoring plights of Mumbaikars..SRK has no shame to support Paki players last year..He never utters a word against terrorist activities of Pakistan & shows his fraud character by remaining apolitical!!!"

Whoa...the Great Mr.Only-I-care-about-India pulls everything from films to terrorism in one comment.
I mean, am I the one not getting the picture here? On which planet is all this considered sane? Can we just say anything for the sake of it?

Read this one in Chennai Metblog: The MAIN ARTICLE was about creating  excellent dining experiences in Chennai restaurants & not having a Chalta Hai attitude and accepting mediocrity in it. Look at what one maniac had to say:

I really do not no what Chalta hai means nor do I care to know any of that god forsaken language called Hindi. It disgusts me how people in this country tend to spread this langauge we have the government already forcing on us and know we have residents of this city propogating this. Must be all the toxic stench of the cooum that has screwed up the brains of Chennai residents. This must be the only place on earth where people promote other languages not there own please clap for Chennai

He got a fitting reply:

Try to be civilized, don’t portray yourself to be a linguistic chauvinist. Dont talk like a politician to be precise a DK/DMK moron. Typical of ooruku dhan ubadesam. Learning a new language is any time appreciated. You have no bloody right to insult hindi or for that matter any language. It is a shame that you dont understand basic hindi……..grow up. There is nothing wrong in learning our national language, it is any time better than the typical of TN crowds’ fancy for flying out to US and settle and be treated like a third grade citizen.
Can the the linguistic rogues ensure all tamils are recalled to TN and provide them with opportunites to survive? A BIG NO. STOP POLITICISING………

If  these people are upset about things,they have to do something about it. Ranting,swearing in public and posting unwarranted comments like these will do no good. Yes, some of us have been victims to harsh treatments outside our hometown or country.Some of us loathe some actors and their choice of films.Some of us really concerned about terrorism and the future of the country. But saying defamatory things about others is not going to help anyone/anything -it  just creates unpleasantness for the person reading it.
To say the least, these people should try to stick to the topic of what is being discussed and should not start juxtaposing irrelevant things.

Gross abuse of Freedom of Speech..I think...

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