27 August 2010


Im in one of those dangerously vicious,of course you guessed it - BAD moods. Vicious because I end up doing nothing all day because Im irritated at something(s) and again get irritated for doing nothing. To start with, I got a big pile of unwashed dishes. How cool is that? If I had the liberty to change a few things in the world - I'd definitely have someone create vessels that wash themselves. Crap!
But there is something I have started doing of late - Reading random blogs and I should say Im enjoying it. Sometimes you land up on these blogs of your friend's friends' and some of them really are entertaining. If the posts in them reflect the same personality and emotionality as you - wonderful! This is one blog thats got amazing stuff to read and its particularly interesting for me because I sense some similarity between moi & the blogger.

PS: Another thing I hate doing: titling my posts

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