28 June 2010

Boredom fiefdom I

I am just experiencing the pinnacle of contrasting motivations-sent by my heart & the brain.
Brain: You better sit down & finish your work! Enough roaming aimlessly!!
Heart: Oh please chill out! One life live it..do what you want...Blah Blah Blah

You know what the heart has to say,always. No wonder they say "Follow your heart"..humph :|

The only good thing happening amidst this quarrel is some 'God awesome' music..
Munbe vaa, NewYork nagaram & Om Shanti (Varanam Ayiram). Im just reminded of college days and how we all drooled over Surya.

Then all of a sudden..i hear a loud agitated conversation.

Brain: (to Heart) You good-for-nothing fellow..enough of you yapping away!
Heart: Its not the end of everything..cant she listen to some good music?!!?
Brain: #@!!*&%$#!!
Heart: ..............

Why cant I be Indian thatha..."Enakku buthi manasu rendum onnu than.."

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