16 July 2010

As life would have it

A very chapathi-diet-indulgent Vijay offered to help knead the dough. "Lets start having rotis for dinner from now on" he suggested, making it the 26th time according to legend. I just pointed towards the freezer door of the fridge to show where the chapathi maavu was.

Vijay is almost an expert in this now. The diligence he shows while making chapathi maavu is worth a notice. Fifteen minutes passed, he frowned. "Why is it so sticky and yellowish?" I reasoned that the flour was months old.
35 minutes.Some more dry flour,some more warm water.But the condition never improved.
Just then,I peeped into the freezer section and was struck with horror.It was gram flour (kadalai maavu) that he was attempting to make chapathi maavu with! And what did we have - a big yellow lump of carelessness grinning wickedly at us.

After 2 days of chewing over what I could do to our yellow friend, the big chef in me made besan parathas with it which turned out to be just superb.

True..life sometimes comes up with ideas better than yours.

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  1. LOL! My cousin charanya once tried to arachufy maavu without putting the stone inside (kallu) :P. This isnt too bad.