02 June 2010

Striking similari-tea !!!

Came across this strange but sweet article about tea addiction in Rediff. Found it completely applicable to thyself.

It is not merely a warm cup of infused green leaves and spicy aromas, for many tea lovers. The entire process of brewing and consuming brims on the verge of a holistic approach. While drinking my cuppa, depending on the circumstances that I am in, my mind switches on to different modes, and the word 'Tea' takes on a more profound statement than a mere commodity.

This is how it goes; in the company of others, tea for me becomes 'The Evergreen Act-of kindness', establishing and sharing a warm relationship. When in solitude, it becomes a time to 'Think Easily Above-all', giving me the ability to recuperate, reflect and reenergize. In headlock situations where I am looking for a break, drinking tea becomes a 'Truly Effective Alternative', giving me a much-required moment to pause. Above all, packed with abundant antioxidants and other stress relieving and energizing qualities it subtly becomes 'The harmless Enjoyable Addiction'!

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