24 January 2011

Little Thigh, the movie

Before you ask yourself if this post is about some rated Hollywood movie, let me tell you it is just a mokkaified translation of SIRUTHAI (Karthi-Tamannah starrer) where Tamannah doesn't seem to be starring really. More on that shortly.

Ok, bring in the synopsis. Funny, skillful thief and his accomplice. Their lampooning and stealing. Feather brained  heroine. Thief-Heroine romance. Intrepid , ingenious and yes, widowed Policeman. His cute (really cute) but vulnerable daughter.Wrathful villains. Police-Villain brawls. Then thief-police crossing paths.Then heroine entry.Thief singing mangalam for villains. This pretty much sums up the story of Siruthai. I might have missed a few links here and there. But thats not the point. The point is, this is a masala film following the relatively archaic formula of juxtaposing a kuthu paatu when there is enough tension building up between the good & the evil. So I guess the story doesn't matter.

Enter Karthi. This guy is one helluva charmer! Both as the petty thief Rocket Raja and the police officer Rathnavel Pandian, he is excellently convincing. Emotions come easy to him, but the poor guy is made to look like a cartoon when he confronts the baddies...this is when the speakers yell out a leopard's roar. When a movie follows formula primarily, the actors look like caricatures in many scenes no matter how hard they try not to. Rathnavel Pandian is a man with steel intestines. He gets stabbed every now and then, and yet lives to fight another day. Over all, Karthi is a fine actor and his combination with Santhanam works wonders. He prattles,curses,sings,blushes,flirts,dances,fights and steals with absolute ease & panache.

Santhanam's comedy is a riot. As Kaattupoochi, Rocket Raja's sidekick he carries an important portion of the second half on his shoulders.His comedy in  fact was a big relief in those portions. But like every comedian in a formula movie, he disappears after his duty is done.

I liked Tamannah in Ayan and thought she looked nice and acted decently. I was wrong. Looks like she has been taking tips from Kareena Kapoor for a size zero or may be its Mumbai Calling for this girl. She looks extremely thin, but thank god not malaise like our dear Nayanthara. She shakes her hips,babbles a few romantic lines, sings "Chellam" and "Machan" and holds the hero's hands at the end. A very simple task horribly executed by her.She is not the 'girl next door', but  the 'mannequin next shop' in this movie. Its sad I had more to talk about her looks than performance.

The irate villains. Ah..yes! They look scary, have scorched faces, shout out obscenities and yet they are made to look like squibs in the end. Very Andhra-ish. No offence, but lets face it,  isn't that the truth? Nothing else comes to my mind. Bad villains..I mean bad acting. LOL.

Vidyasagar's music is good. The tunes are definitely hummable, but thats it. They wont create an impression that the tunes of Ghilli or Dhool did. The songs might not make it to the most memorable of 2011 :-)

The movie is not entirely bad. Though the first half of the movie didn't promise anything new, it had a different feel to it. It's the post interval portion that is shockingly boring. I just wanted more of Rocket Raja and his rock n roll. It's a remake of the Telugu film Vikramarkudu and the director hasn't tailored it to suit the tamil audience.

Siruthai is an expired packet of masala, keep some aspirin and gelusil handy.

My rating: 2/5

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