18 January 2011

Doubtu Dandanakapaandi

Why is it that the dance sequence practiced in movies is never the one that is staged?
How is it that a heroine having short hair is seen with a Meera Shikakai long pinnal (plait) in saree?
Why is there a dearth of 50 paise coins with our gorilla moonji bus conductors?
How is it that at least 3 items from the hotel menu card are not available for eating?


  1. I have one more, why do tamil serial villies have "free hair" and wear "designer" saris?

  2. ha ha....Let me add:
    How does one remember to include the songs & dance movements during the 'flashback' narration in movies?

  3. Why is it that the bell always ring at a important moment in a classroom scene and all the students rush out ?