23 October 2010

The little girl

Vodafone comes up with amazing ads. From the cute little pug to Zoo-Zoos - they make people that mindlessly surf through the TV channels and earn the wrath of all fellow TV watchers,basically people like me... pause for a second and watch their ads.

This latest ad which un-so-fortunately I couldn't find in YouTube, is about two school girls. The ad is about the someone who makes you feel special. I just fell in love with the ad! I wanted to rewind my life and go back to school.Want to wear that humorous pinafore and the two uneven pony tails,the white canvas shoe with blotches of white polish,the persevering PEPSI school bag that I used till it had gone to rags! I want to play hand cricket with Sow and Vila.Want to crack painfully mokkai jokes with Christina.Want to hold my tummy laughing at Vijayrajan whose hands wouldn't come out of Aishwarya's chocolate box, since he tried to take too many of them in one go! Want to sing "Strawberry Kannae..." during lunch interval.Want to gobble up Kavi's yummy sambar sadham and avarakkai poriyal.Want to play Sherlock Holmes in the class skit.Want to yell my lungs out, cheering our school at the throwball matches.Want to sit in the last bench and giggle away my time.

The little girl...I want to be her again :-)

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