21 October 2010


This is probably the millionth post named after the new Rajni movie in blogosphere. Just to make mine look different, I spelled it as ENTHIRAN, you see.

I have decided to not review it. I have grown tired of movie reviews literally. We all do not expect movies to change our lives, the way we think or have some effect on our relationships. Even if it did, I dont think we would take it seriously.Then why expect movies to be something ditto to life.Why dissect every minute detail and say "ithu nottai, athu nollai" (This is wrong, that is terribly wrong). Movies should have that cinemathanam in my opinion. They are meant to entertain us. If a movie made me happy,sing,tap my feet, laugh my guts out and took me to a different world in an ephemeral two hours- I love it. Jimply! If it made me shift positions in my seat far too many times or made me look at my watch - it gets thrashed. I certainly dont want to see Balumahendra-ish types of movies with gloomy lighting (thats an oxymoron :-)) where everything from a person's gargling to burping is shown.

Then I dont understand this thing about "I want my money back" if one didn't like the movie. You decide to watch the movie. Why should you be paid back if you of all souls created by Almighty didn't like it???
Movies dont come with warranties,they come only with censor board ratings, that too inappropriately these days.

So many dont like Enthiran. Some are ga-ga-ri-ri over it. Why is this movie of all movies so popular? because thalaivar has made a come back after I-dont-know-how-many years, Aisoriya madam pairs up with him and Rehman-Sankar etc etc and most of all its Sci-fi where the Robot Rajni is the actual hero. I enjoyed the movie but honestly expected it to be a bit more gripping for all the hype created by the people around me. For me the things that didn't work are the supposedly romantic scenes between Aish-Rajni, background score and music. Cant say I enjoyed these. But Shankar deserves a a big pat on the back- for not copying Hollywood stunts, for envisioning this movie and creating a web of scientific complexties in his mind and giving that extra kick in some scenes - esp. the ones where the autokaran shouts "Saavugraki.." to Chitti and he says "New word.."- it had me in splits! Also "Who is Chellatha.." and punching the guy in electric train who is about spit on the track. And kudos to the Superstar himself who has been courageous enough to shed off his superstar image and pull of the robot role with such poise.

So people of the world, stop being too critical of movies. There are film critics who are being paid to do this job. Peace out.

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