28 April 2010

Nonbouncing heart will bounce

I have no idea why the movie was named Thullatha Manamum Thullum and why Vijay's name is Kutty. However, I like the movie - for its songs and ofcourse for Vijay-Simran combo. Its a relief to see Vijay not playing the trite action hero giving punches,dialogs & punch-dialogs ..hah! Simran looks a million bucks :)

Just loved these lines "Kan kondu than kannai evarum parka mudiyathu, en kannai kaanugiren imai rendum asaiyathu" & if its Unnikrishnan singing this, you can find yourself humming the lines with him. Mmmmmm....besh besh!
This song made my day - who cares if I have been sneezing uncontrollably for the past 2 days.

lalalala lala..aaachhooooooooooo.....

PS:Dont waste 2 minutes of your day on the blog title...have a laugh/sigh & move on.

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