19 April 2010

Balle Balle fuels the sweat-out!

I am extremity personified.I would spend some days just eating,sleeping & watching TV.When sense of guilt would start nudging me that I am gaining nothing but useless kilos, I would diligently finish off my pending work(always pending,yes I am student of Tamilnadu engineering) and make it a point to hit the gym once in a while.It goes without saying that life is a circle, and I would go back to couch potato mode within a week.

I have never really enjoyed gymming.Even if there was a slightest hint that I did, my poor old legs would start yelling at me. But today I discovered an amazing mantra to ..well not enjoy the workout but atleast respect the whole process -something that would keep the momentum up & motivate people like me to go past Level 1 on the machine :) The mantra is a fast paced punjabi bhangra. Nothing energizes the soul like a peppy bhangra.Today, I was listening to "Dil Bole Hadippa" from the Rani-Shahid starrrer Dil Bole Hadippa. This is such an amazing song that I finished 10 full minutes in the elliptical without a break! For those who are scoffing at this achievement of mine- please, no mockery at other's hardships.

Another song - "Pehli baar mohabbat" from Kamine is a nice work out song too. It starts with a slow mellifluous tempo and picks up speed gradually.

After the musically infused workout today(of which I spent 20 mins on the phone), I went home with a smile on my face - thinking I was close to getting a Naomi Campbell body.

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