24 March 2011

Let me tag...

After spending two blissful hours in sleep, I got nothing better to do than to brag about myself. This time, I shall not only brag, I shall introduce the rhyme-verb - TAG. Alas! the only blogger friend-follower this destitute blog of mine has is Aparna, so girl dont break my heart. Tag along!

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now.The  Names? Oh... whats in a name?! :-O

I love you, I miss you and my respect for you has grown so much. I cant think of a life without you.
I wish we could spend more time together. Laugh over silly things and eat and drink and party and what not...I miss you too.
Things could have been totally different from the beginning between both of us! I want them to improve so badly.
Its amazing how you fit so well into that 'The  most wonderful friend' space...thank you!
You need to relax, take things a little easy. Not everyone is perfect in the way you think you are. Hey, but I admire you for what you are.
It hurt that you did not think of me as your confidant, at least as someone who had to be kept posted. Not being judgemental, its your life anyway.
I am irritated. 
I wish you loads of luck and a great future!
You have so much on your plate, yet I see you fully composed, smiling every day. Hope you are finding time to unwind.
You are a very sweet person. Stay the same!
I want to meet you more often, lets see if that happens.

Nine ways to win your heart.

Be humorous. Be simple. Be outspoken.
Remember birthdays,anniversaries without Facebook reminders. (Anyone?)
Talk like what you are, not like Mukesh Ambani or Marlon Brando. Well, if you are Mr.Ambani himself, you may (:-P)
Return phone calls,emails. Never ignore the people who want to spend time with you.
Listen. No unsolicited advice. No jumping to conclusions.
Have fun whenever possible. Dont know to have fun? I dont know you.
Look into the eyes..err.. while you speak.
Laugh a lot. Be mischievous.
Show you care.

Eight things that cross your mind a lot.

Eat healthy. Work out. Sleep early (yeah....you could paraphrase that to Obsess, obsess and obsess)
Mom and her well being.
Career (I am not 'gracefully' unemployed anymore)
Carrier - I mean what to cook, what to eat (Food & I have this divine connection. Food is my gateway to TRANCE)
Where did the last two years of my life go???
Oh Creator! Did you have a bad hangover while creating my hair?
Where the hell are the friends in this town?
What next..?

Thats all folks!
Appu- come on, spread my fame.


  1. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. Gud one Vidya.. I liked 'Oh Creator! Did you have a bad hangover while creating my hair?' this piece....:)
    Keep posting...