10 March 2011


Ok, Chennai is a city with spectacular people. The kind that truly believes in the saying "Ellorum innattu mannare" (Everyone in this country is a king...literal translations can really suck at times), because thats how they drive.
So if someone made a car to suit the Chennai roads and Chennai drivers,it must have the following:

1) A loud, annoying horn
2) Ultra sensitive steering wheel
3) Special eyes all over the car's body that can detect any moving object within a radius of 50 cms.
4) a very loud, annoying horn
5) Telepathy Brakes - they should start operating automatically as soon as they sense terror in the mind of the driver.
6) An engine system that can run on crude oil/kerosene/Idhayam Nallennai (gingelly oil) under 'tight' circumstances.
7) a very loud,very very annoying horn
8) Bird Poo Repulser
9) Extendable hands that can damage the opponent's over bright headlights. Must be super active on highways. Hands that can show the 'Middle' finger - too good to have.
10) Did I mention about a very, very loud and an absolutely annoying horn???


  1. Feeling like i am driving in a car of chennai roads !!!

    And the best part was very very loud and an absolutely annoying horn :) :)

  2. i like bird poo re pulser the best. By bird you mean kaka?

  3. prankster- thats sometimes the only thing you'll ever need in chennai!

    aparna- yes, Kaka and how can you forget pigeon, the dearest...