29 January 2011

A new look!

Hurray!!! I have a new blog template now which I really like :-) I had been looking for one for a long time, like my life depended on it (!!?!)
Find awesome templates at http://btemplates.com/..they are free!

PS: If you copy mine, I will hunt you down.


  1. Nice look de.. but u can add more south indian dishes pictures to that foto gallery.. ena solla varen na, same 4 pics, adhum burger, croissants nu iruku.. nala briyani.. tandoori chkn fotos podu ma.. :):)
    - Vj(0339183)

  2. Aparna..thanks!

    My dear anonymous batchee...i didn't add those pics!they came with this blog template..im figuring out a way to remove them. Did you really have to put your roll number there?:-D

  3. :) haha,, ila de... unmaya solanumna, comment post panradhuku edho sign in lam pana solluchi... adhellam edhukunu dan, anonymous comment kuduthen.. aprm na yaarunu unaku teriyanum la, adhukaga anda roll number.. othn else de..