09 October 2010


Prospective Dad in lAw (PDA 1) : What do you think about PDA?
Prospective Dud(son) in lAw (PDA 2): I think its amazing... definitely useful to us in a lot of ways!
PDA 1: Err..dont you think of it as being disrespectful and all..?
PDA 2: Huh..not at all..I think its very savvy infact. It could be a bit disturbing during meetings or when you are having lunch with people..but I personally love it..
PDA 1:savvy..? but some people just go overboard...
PDA 2: I agree..I was hooked to it at one point of time in my life..but then I got some control over it..
PDA 1: hooked to it..? what do you mean.?
PDA 2: you know..doing it every now and then..i wanted to be on top of everything you see..
PDA 1: ...........Ok................(sighs)
PDA 2: PDA really connects people...dont you think?
PDA 1: eheh..may be it does..Il see you around..bye

PDA 1 to his daughter : You are so not marrying him!! He says he loves Public Display of Affection and was hooked to it..!

PDA 2 to his girlfriend : But I thought he was asking about Personal Digital Assistant!!!!

To hell with acronyms.Seriously.

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