02 September 2010

One is spineless,the other refuses to change

Yes - one is spinless,the other refuses to change. I am talking about two film directors - M.Raja who directed movies like "Something something..unakum enakum", "Santhosh Subramanium" and "Thillalangadi". The other one is Karan Johar-maker of movies like "Kuch Kuch hota hai","Kabhi khushi kabhi gham" and "We are family".

Raja is better known as Jeyam Raja and is partially blind and is imaginatively challenged, and was a photocopying machine (ok..a colour photocopy machine) in his previous birth. Why? Here are the answers.

1) He simply cannot cast any other actor in his movies other than his darling brother Jeyam Ravi. Thats why he is partially blind! I did like Ravi in movies like Dhaam Dhoom - the movie was chic,he looked stunning & he does know how to act! This elder brother canopy of  " you are the hero in my movies..I will protect your future" is getting too much.

2) Imaginatively challenged-of course. His 100% success formula:
Movie is a hit in Telugu-->get copyrights to direct it in Tamil + definitely, make Ravi the hero + just hire a telugu to tamil translator & finish the movie -->Movie is a hit in Tamil too -->Let nothing stop you...go for the next telugu hit!

3)Now,we understand why he is a photocopy machine.

What kind of people are these? Not willing to take risks. Not willing to accept a new way of doing things.Not willing to appreciate the talent of others.Not willing to accept failures.Not willing to give others a chance.Spineless!

Karan Johar is best known as K.Jo..and as Shahrukh's girlfriend by some dislikers. He was a faddist initially ..naming his movies with a four-word title that began with "K". He needs to have a bit of Shahrukh & Kajol in all his movies - doesnt he? I love Shahrukh & Kajol-but I would be a prejudiced idiot if I didn't watch any other actor's work. Right from the Kuch Kuch Hota hai style "Aaaahaha.." humming played during DHARMA PRODUCTIONS intro to naming all the girl kids in his movie as 'Anjali' - he is one filmmaker who says NO to any change that will bring about a subtlety & a fine distinction in a director's creation.

He has to fly away to  London,New York or Miami to narrate a love story. He has to name his male lead 'Rahul'. He has to let the kids in his movie be overly smart , smart enough to get their dads find the loves of their lives & get hitched to live happily ever after! I can see Cliche written all over him.

I am so so so frustrated with people like these who associate themselves to the Art & Film fraternity, where variety is everything.

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