20 September 2010

Bagel Chips

I am a constant source of amusement..to who? Me,Myself & Not Irene. It was another morning of wakeup-tizzy-at 11. With no conscience or whatsoever, I make some sort of promise to myself the night before that I will wake up at 8 (for which I need an alarm clock by the way),make breakfast for Vijay and be the yours obediently wife who will say "Tata...evening seekram vaanga enna.." so that he can gobble up the sojji bajji that I will make for evening tiffin. None of this has ever happened. Bajjis, yes on some  fridays. No sojji or sendoff in the mornings.

After hazily cursing the need to brush the teeth, I prepared myself to accomplish the biggest task of the day. Cooking something (at least remotely eatable) primarily for the glutton in me and also for the man who slogs at aabice and deserves a nice meal. I hate the stillness and silence in the house when nobody is around. Sun TV comes to my rescue. Some  serial was being aired : heroinee has a fight with villainee but discovers villainee has blood cancer and why not, villainee has been delivering more coughs than dialogs. And how..she sees her bloodstained handkerchief. Please!!! For all we know, villainee could have been chewing some 420 Beedas!  It is such an obscene assault on cancer and this is one good reason why the disease should eradicate itself from the world.

 I am not a happy-all-day-bustling-with-energy-person who can do a bungee jump from the Golden Gate bridge, which by the way I just added to showcase my lauu for geography. I have terrible mood swings and never miss a chance to throw tantrums. But there is a  specific 30 minutes of my day  when im in the best of the moods - its the lunch time. So lunch was nice and all.Watched Food Network. Rachel Ray doesnt have a culinary degree and yet is a famous chef is all nice to hear, but seeing her making herbed fried chicken thighs with garlic mashed potatoes almost everyday is starting to annoy me. No wonder she looks like a giant potato herself. Sandra Lee is one over-enthu chef who is the Pal of Pork.  She has to use her magic words "Super simple. Super delicious" daily. And somehow assumes we will fall in love with all her dishes and table scapes and sing sonnets about her culinarism. Its so funny to see these people prepare a dish in 30 minutes, in a kitchen that is so not theirs,and say "Hmmm..this is so yummy..' at the end of each episode.

I am a proud girl today. I rightfully earned my evening tea after doing some grueling work and did not bull-doze in the afternoon. We are moving to a new house this weekend. Its a new house because it was an old house that is getting renovated now. I am excited, its normal to feel so but I get scared when I look at the number of things lying haplessly  around the hopless me. Moving to another house is like an exam. You dont pack  and procrastinate. As the D-Day nears, you feel all jittery inside and its only chaos. The house looks messy beyond imagination, but thats one goodie-good thing about moving isnt it - I dont have to bother about cleaning everday.

I am quite ritualistic about tea time. Its like lunch time - no disturbance will be tolerated and I usually watch SunTV. It was some dumb Sathyaraj movie. SunTV makes it a point to play some really blah-blah movies on weekdays. Im nevertheless thankful to them because they dont choose some telugu movie dubbed into tamil. All with ultrasonic dialogs - senseless and not pleasing to the senses at all. Spent some time in blogosphere. Had to buy grocery in the evening and for sure did not like the way Beans was wickedly grinning at me in the market. I was trying my best to avoid buying it - its healthy and all, but with all due respect... its so uncool to cook & eat. But I was out of veggies to fill my week with, had to buy Bad Beans. Also, I bought a nice bag of bagel garlic chips. A good choice of snack made in months.

Had posted ads for some things we wanted to dispose of, because yes, we are moving! One such ad was for a large white board which we priced at $10 and it was in a pretty decent condition, mind you. But we had Ms. Whiteboard Certifier come home and argue with us for ten friggin' dollars. "Ooh..whats all that blue mark over there..clean it and I will decide whether I will pay you 10 or not.."..says Ms. WC.
Oh sweet Ms.Certifier, I dont give a south end of a north facing rat about your decision, I am not parting with the white board for anything less than ten dollars. I said rather vehemently, "Come on..its 10 dollars we are speaking.." and Vijay comes up with another perfecto reason "We put the already negotiated price on the ad..we made it easier for you you know..", and then certifier shuts her mouth and everything and pays and of course leaves.

Made nice mac & cheese for dinner. Its nice because its quick to make, not because it tastes good. Listening to 'Ek Meetha Marz dene' from Welcome to Sajjanpur. Vijay is listening to some "baby baby down down.." song. Probably sung by some eyebrow-tweaking metrosexual who probably waxes and bleaches his skin.

Its the 24th time he is playing it in the last 2 days.How do you deal with a husband that plays songs on endless loops until he gets bored of it or until you want to bang your head on the wall? I earlier wanted to bang my head on the car window when the car CD player yelled "AaAa...." from Kabhi Kucchi Kabhi Gum. When I picture Jaya Bachan with a lamp in her hand standing beside her fortress, I mean Amitabh, it makes me wanna swear.

All this reminds me, its time to make praamise and amuse myself.

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