16 August 2010

bad attitude

XXX: Hello is this Vidya? (words spoken in dead monotony)
Me: Yes..this is Vidya speaking
XXX: We found your resume in HGYTUYTT.com and we have an opening in Blah blah technology..are you available (the monotony increases exponentially as XXX speaks)
Me: Hmm yeah..please go ahead
XXX: Can you tell me about your experience?
Me: (Blah blah goes on for about 5 minutes at the end of which XXX has clearly lost interest)
XXX: Ok..what was the technology you worked on
Me: Hey XXX Im in the middle of something, can I call you back to discuss? Is that Ok?
XXX: Ok no problem..il send you an email right away regarding this.

I assume this can be looked into in a few hours. 15 mins pass by.Call from XXX.

XXX: Vidya I am waiting for your profile...
Me: Im not at home.. can I send it to you in an hour? Can it wait?
XXX: I need it immediately...
Me: But im not at home..
XXX: Ok........
Me: Thanks..(im pissed)

I send a couple of emails with my updated resume and this and that.
When it is discovered that I cannot relocate, XXX vanishes into thin air..no sign or trace of XXX. Sending a reply wouldnt have killed anybody.

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