22 January 2010


Logged into skype at 9.46 AM sharp to speak to mom. It was our daily ritual.Mom & daughter-who cares? Its ladies & it indeed was gossip time :P
After the usual enquiry about why I did not drink tea and why I was just having a banana, she said "Inniku antha episode mudinja paaru.Very beautiful de.Ennama nadichirukka rendu perum.Very good direction nu nan nenachunden...experienced actors nu theriarthu". Ok..I would explain that.
She obviously was referring to one TV serial. She had said she liked this particular episode of a TV soap. She liked the way the actors 'acted' & did even mention she liked the way it was directed!
Living in the US on a dependent visa isn't life on a roller coaster guys. You sometimes need the support of TV serials & stuff - one just cant help.I know by-heart at what time which serial is telecast,the lead characters & ofcourse the story plot (Bah! as if one doesnt know what goes on in these TV serials).I am now starting to remember the directors' names.You can pray for me - I would appreciate that.
Considering the fact that mom has a good sense of what is really 'good' - I asked my husband to not change the channel while that serial was being aired in Sun TV.
He wasnt too happy with the decision but reluctantly agreed.
So here it goes :-

Scene: Female protagonist is on her way to give IAS exam. Her car wouldnt be able to squeeze into a road that has some procession going on OR something else (I dont remember). She decides to walk.But she is hit..now read carefully..she is hit by a scooter which seemed to be travelling at 30 Kmph.

Severity of 'Injury': a small patch on the right hand starts bleeding.She however was hit (oh yes!!by the super hi-fi scooter) on the left hand side.
Response from the people around:Atleast 10 people surround her. All of them looked super tensed & are really scared.
By Gods grace which all the serial heroes & heroines seem to be having in extremely large quantities, her husband comes by in a car. It wouldnt be fair if I dont mention about the 'flattest' possible reaction that a husband could give to such an accident.
I could just hear a feeble "Aah...oh my god.." from him :-)

Next scene:He takes her to the nearest hospital.
Still figuring out why none of the bandaids or plasters could help the wife...I would be glad to receive help.

Scene at the hospital:
Doctor:Nurse! Please take her to the dressing room.Hurry!!!
Nurse:Yes Doctor! (Runs)
Husband:Doctor, she met with an accident (as if we didnt know).Her hand is bleeding very badly (as if the doc cant see)..please do something.
D:Please dont worry..be calm
(The wound is addressed - it is dressed)
H:Doctor..is everything alright? (Things were very much alright before dude)
D:Yes she is better now..but she must take rest.She must not move her hand.The wound has to heal..
Wife:Oh no doctor!!! I have an exam to give..I have to go..
D: No you must not!!! It is very dangerous.. (what on earth?!)
W: Please doctor you must allow me...you have no idea what this exam means to me & my family..please ...(weeps)
(Asking the doctor to "allow" her to write the exam...limits!!)
D: Ok Ok...I will give you some medicines. You must take them regularly without fail.You can then go & give your exam.
(whose life is at risk if she doesnt??)
W:(wipes her tears) Thank you so much doctor!! thank you so much!

The exam is written. Next scene on their way home.
Husband:how are you feeling now dear?? I was so scared for you ...
Wife:I am ok..you dont worry. I took the medicines that the doc had given & I answered all the questions correctly.
(heard anyone say that for an IAS exam?)
H:I am marveled at your strength dear!! How could you write an exam after such an accident?!? (poor thing.. it nearly cost her life....didnt it)
W: You are my strength dear...I dont have to fear anything in this world!
Romantic music plays...and then a commercial break.

We had a good laugh. I am still not sure what mom liked about this whole episode, but I was rolling on the floor!
TV serials are pathetically predictable, but this one - I had never expected anything as mindblowing as this!!!


  1. Ammu
    First of all thanks for your time taken to watch the serial. I really do not know what is the comment i should give back to you. May be we are all people from the colonial type so i enjoyed every action of that part. Anyway your narration about the serial was very good introduction. continue to give your ideas through this. keep going and enjoy life.!!!!!

  2. Amma..I am definitely not 'anti-tv serial'. there are good serials & there are some really good directors too!But this one ..i neednt say what I felt :) thanks amma for ur sweet comment.

  3. Hey thanks vidya, actually made my amma read this post for all the mega serial they've watched for decades :)

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