16 December 2009

Songs I like the most

Manjal Poosum
Movie: Friends (Tamil)
If Ilayaraja is the king of melody, this is another song to substantiate it.Sung by Sujatha and Devan,this song has everything to stir a soul.Videographed on two young lovers who havent proposed to each other, the song has a new comer Vijayalakshmi who looked quite beautiful in this debutant movie(and is now nowhere to be seen in tamil
cinemas) and our very own handsome hero Surya (who was above average looking in those days ;)).
I like the lines "undhan kaadhal oru vazhi...thirumbi sella thani vazhi" in the 1st stanza which means "your love is onesided, if you get lost you will be left alone in it". This song has always had a magical effect on me.
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqAr_7NNwaY

Thendral Varum Vazhiye
Movie: Friends (Tamil)
Its Ilayaraja again. My thumbs up points to this song are:
1) Devyani -she looks pleasing in 'modern' attire. There were no shapeless jeans pants, awful colored skirts or boring shiffon sarees. She is perfectly dressed in Lilac pants,stunning blue colored ghagras and cute violet frock.
Surprisingly, her make up wasnt too gaudy or too light. It perfectly suits her role of a well educated, modern girl.
2)Ilayaraja's music ofcourse.Especially in the lines " Kundummalli charame kollai adikathe..."
3)Choice of singers - Hariharan who adds a deep baritone quality to the song & Bhavatharini (who sounded quite like a misfit for Devyani- but I started liking it eventually) whose voice adds innocence to the lines.
4)The lyrics - "Neeya illai nana , nenjai muthal muthal izhanthathu yaar? Ennil unai kanden, nammai irandena piripathu yaar?"
Meaning: Who fell in love first-was it you or me? You are a part of me - we cannot be seperated as two"
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Ic05qU5uU

Puthumalar thootu sellum
MOvie : Poovellam Un Vaasam (Tamil)
Its Vidyasagar this time.Its a romantic number but a fast paced one. One could do a group dance for this song!
I like the way this song is picturised. It has Ajith & Jyothika both dressed in some Rajasthani/Gujrathi style & the theme is ethnic with colourful walls,decors & group dancers. There is lilt of freshness in the singer SriramParthasarathy's voice.The song is about a man's untold love for his woman and how he feels that only this love for her is important than anything else. I find the lyrics of the song very interesting - It expresses the insecurity of a man who hasnt confessed his love - he is excited by every single move of his girl.The girl knows he likes her but still playfully tries to neglect him & his feelings. I like the last two lines of the 1st stanza :
"Kann asaivil minnal vizha, Punnagaiyil pookkal vizha,
Kai asaivil vaanam vizha,Penn asaivil naanum vizhave"
Meaning: Lightning strikes when she looks,Flowers fall off their stems when she smiles The sky falls down when she waves her hands,Her every movement makes me fall for her!
Jyothika's colourful ghagras and long skirts looked very unconventional, a very interesting combination with some long bead necklaces that she wore.Ajith looked a bit oversize in his sherwani type kurtas but I feel it compliments the innocence potrayed in the song :-) Both of them look cute in the song.The music is very different & one of a kind.One of my all time favs.
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQqGx_WBmk

Kokkara Kokkara Ko
Movie: Gilli (Tamil)
Vidyasagar again. A fast paced peppy number sung by Udit narayan - one can expect the tamil words to sound very unlike tamil ;) and Sujatha.The song starts with a happy chorus "Dhoom chak dhoom dhoom chak". This is one song that reminds me of my college days in hostel with my friends , the days & hours we spent making fun of each other and even dancing to this song! This song has Vijay dancing with absolute merry to the beats - would make anyone tap their feet. The set is bright, busy & happening terrace portion of an apartment building where Vijay & his friends sing & dance.
Trisha is quite a treat to look at-clad in a simple white salwar kameez, she does her best by just gleeing throught the song & enjoying the company of the boys.Vijay is at his simplest- a loose yellow shirt & faded pair of jeans.The choreography is superb.The song is high spirited,the words bustling with great energy.It is about taking things as they come & having a positive attitude in life. I love the small bit of electric guitar brilliantly used by Vidyasagar before the 2nd stanza where Trisha starts dancing leaving behind all inhibitions. This is immediately
followed by simple melodious music- an awesome composition I would say.A happy-memories song for me :-)
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmlslHr-dP4

Kaadhal Kaadhal
Movie: Kaadhal Konden (Tamil)
Its gonna be a big list from Yuvanshankaraja's works. This one tops the list for me.Yuvan's style is very unlike his dad Ilayaraja's. There is this haunting quality in his music that I have never experienced with any other music composer. This song is sung by Vijay Yesudas (Yesudas sir's son). Both Yuvan & Vijay have made their dads proud :-)
I would never be able to describe Vijay's voice- he is gifted with a very unique, one-of-a-kind voice.
This song potrays one sided love of a guy who roams behind his girl, his classmate in college and the friendship between this girl and another guy, an introvertish loner.
The 1st stanza of the song shows Sudeep (a newcomer who remains one till date- hasnt made any progress in the industry :)) following Sonia Aggarwal (she was expected to become the next 'Simran' after starring in this movie.Expectations are seldom met).It potrays his strong feelings for her. He sings " En nenjodu rasithen kollamal
kolgindra azhagai...Uyiril or vannam kuzhaithu varainthen avalai"
Meaning: "I silently admire her killing beauty ...and have painted her with colours of my heart & soul"
In the second para,he goes "Un kaanadi manadhil ippothu en mugam parthen...nee vantha pozhuthil en nenjam poothen"
Meaning: The friend (loner guy) sings to his friend "I see myself in your mirror-like heart..my heart blooms like a flower when I see you"
I infact love every line of this song.I love its freshness, love it for its potrayal of first love & true friendship.Love it for the actors in the song.Need I say more? Definitely one of my all time favs :)
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-2WXJJP0SA

Kunidhu Kunidhu Baare
Movie: Mungaru Maley (Kannada)
If there is one song that I hummed for the longest possible time, it is this.Its the music again. Music composed by Mano Murthy, the guy has done some awesome work for this romantic super hit movie. The music was blood & heart of the movie.
I heard this song in Bangalore (where else??) & had it recorded from the TV to my mobile (Its been 3 years & I havent deleted the song..LOL I havent changed my mobile phone too).
But I have to warn you of the cheesy video of the song.It is picturised in some beautiful places like Coorg & Shimoga. The actors are Pooja Gandhi & Ganesh, a kannada comedy show host who shot to fame with this movie!
The song goes like this
"Kunidhu Kunidhu baare..olidhu olidhu baare
Kuniva Ninna Mele..malaya haniya maale..jeevakau jeeva thanthavale..jeeva kintha saniha baare...Ulave vismaya"
Meaning (as told by my cousin in B'lore) : "Come dancing to me...
come with a lot of love..when you dance, there is a garland of dewdrops
you are the one who gave life to my life, come closer than my life
love is a mystery... love is a mystery
I am happy looking at your lovable persona"
There is nothing great about the video of the song, I love the music. Sung by Udit Narayan & Sunidhi Chauhan (I had to Google up the female singer- she sounds very different in this song), its definitely a treat to the ears & will remain in my mobile as long as I use it :)
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU3hfQjvOsA

En kannodu
Movie : Arinthum Ariyamalum (Tamil)
I just watched this movie on TV. This one has never failed to fascinate me! Its a very short song sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja (also the composer).Starts with arabic lines which add some mystic beauty to the song. Shot in deserts with a few guys dancing in the backdrop.Well..there is nothing really special about the way it is shot, about the actors (though I have a bit of liking for the innocent looking Navdeep in the song) or the lyrics. Its just one sweet romantic song. And YES! I love arabic starters :-)
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWS2c7zx50M

Poo vaitha poovil
Movie : Pop Carn (Tamil)
I dont know if people even know about the movie..leave alone the song. Its a Mohanlal-Simran starrer & was directed by Nasser. I do not know if the movie made it to the big league but this particular song is sure-shot treat to the ears. I find it stunningly romatic & passionate. I could have been picturised well, for a song that is so beautifully composed & sung, I wonder what the cinematographer thought.
I wasnt expecting to find its video in youtube, but I found one. The link below has some dance sequence before the actual song. So please be patient.It's a virtue. ;-)
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJZh8uzuT34

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai
Movie : Woh Lamhe (Hindi)
Feel-good song is here. No matter how bad my mood is, this one changes it! This song has a lot of plusses. The tune,lyrics,actors,picturisation-everything.
I like the very 1st lines
" Kyun aaj kal neendh kam khwaab zyaada hai
Lagta hai khuda ka koi nek eradha hai
Kal ka fakir dil aaj shehzada hai
Lagta hai khuda ka koi nek eradha hai "
Meaning : " Why is there less sleep and more dreams these days
I feel destiny has something in store for me
My heart was like a begging monk, today it feels like a Prince
I feel destiny has something in store for me "
Lovely. One couldnt be more honest with feelings! The song has a remix version too.The video of the remix is more chilled out.People say the tune is a copy of some Indonesian band, I am not going to even think about it -Thumbs up for both original & remix :-).
Link (original): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EoblYYvLsE
Link (remix): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg8qEA_y2YE

Kekkaliyo Kekkaliyo
Movie : Kasturi Maan (Tamil)
This movie was directed by a well known director of Malayalam film industry - Lohitdas. It did not create any wave but im sure Meera Jasmine would have received a lot of positive critical responses. She was fantastic! This song is composed by Ilayaraja sir, only he could have poured in so much emotion into the song. Or may be I feel it that way:-) It is because I have watched the movie and know the context of the song.The hero is intelligent and wants to give the IAS exam. But doesnt have money. The heroine works hard and supports him.Their seperation,hope to meet again,anxiety..I feel is nicely potrayed.
These are my favourite lines from the song
"Mullile methai ittu thoongum padi sonnal,evaral mudium neeyum sollu kanna"
Meaning : "Seperation from you is like making me sleep on a bed of thorns,
Will I be able to do it,tell me my love"

"Kolluthe thanimai ennai intha naalil
Kottuthe neruppai kothai enthan meniyil"
Meaning : "This loneliness is killing me,it showers fire on my body"
Agreed the lines are really not cool when translated ;).They are best felt & understood in the actual language.
It is sung by Tippu & Manjari, though the female voice sounds more like Chinmayi's. (I like Chinmayi's selection of songs..dont know if she really gets to *select* the songs she wants to sing). I am impressed with female part of the song.Lovely lines for her & amazing expressions. One of the songs that I have been humming for more than 2-3 years now.
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxqqG53mfNI

Movie : Ayutha Ezhuthu (Tamil)
There wouldnt be anyone who doesnt like this song. Ok if this is an exaggeration, atleast no one who'd say "Eeew..i hate it!" :-)
Perfect party song.A song that would make us tap our feet. There are very few songs for which I mind-choreograph i.e. imagine that I am dancing for that song before a huge audience.This is one of them. Its unfortunate I havent got the opportunity to dance for this one!
Rehmans swaram delivery is absolutely stylish at the end of the song.It is picturised well too. Well within the charged arena of a disco theque, the song is very real.Sidhdharth & Trisha look cute and it is well choreographed too. I mean not those 'unimaginable' ,pukka cinematic steps that normally heroes-heroines do.
The lyrics- wonderfullest! The lyrics of this song redefined penning words for songs.Choice of ancient tamil words for a disco song - great idea!
"Yaakkai thiri,kaadhal sudar..anbae
Jeevan nadhi,kaadhal kadal..nenjae"
Meaning : "My body the wick,love the flame..Oh my love
My life the river, Love the ocean.. Oh my heart"

"Jenmam vidhai, kaadhal pazham
Logam dhvaitham, kaadhal adhvaitham
Sarvam soonyam, kadhal pinniyam
Maanudam maayam, Kadhal amaram"
Meaning : "Birth the seed, Love the fruit
World is dual,Love is singular
Everything is zero, Love is infinite
Humanity is an illusion,Love is eternal"

"Ulagathin kadhal ellam ondre ondre athil
Ullangal maari maari payanum pogum"
Meaning : "All the love in the world is unified into one
It is the hearts that make journeys through this love"

Brilliant Vairamuthu Sir!!! Such profound words...awesome.
Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV552aCEzFs&feature=related

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