24 November 2009

First flight (or fall)

Ok..I never thought id be blogging..but I am. I also hate to admit (grins) that some bloggers inspired me to blog. I wrote diaries..(yeah, back in college ..I did) but this is kind of funky I feel..blog is your almost -personal diary & u can actually let people to peek into it !
So here I am..blogging...hoping I would continue blogging for years, become an active blogger, & most of all put my blogs link in orkut & FB profiles (LOL...this doesnt sound like me.. I once hated all that )
Hmm..as I compose this 1st blog, my mind in mulling over the first serious/intense/popular- stuff -to -write -about topic. My day was just above OK. Thanks to the headache that made it uneventful {secret: my days are uneventful minus headaches :-) }
I am feeling a bit hazy & disoriented - the thought that I have despicable pile of dishes to wash- MAKES ME CRY & swear !!!
By the way I am married, live in Dallas, Texas & of course in the United States. I hate to call myself a 'housewife' but thats what I am. I suddenly realise my hate-list pops up more frequently than my like-list ..:-)
May be I should cut the 1st blog short at this juncture. Rest in next.
RIP world.


  1. So VJ is finally here.....Nice Start and best of luck

  2. so.. here you are.. now you've got urself another option.. :) .. hope u get more followers..